Spoilers: Worth It: Chapter 5


Hello? *peeks out from hiding spot* Have you all given up on me yet? No? Good! Here’s a spoiler for Chapter 5 that will help set your mind at ease. The full chapter will be here on Friday. 🙂


“Eric?” Sookie squeezed her eyes shut trying to clear her vision and pain exploded through her left temple. She touched the skin gently. “That smarts.” No blood, just a goose egg. She pushed herself up, only to find herself alone. In the cemetery.

“Eric?” She squinted through the dull moonlight filtering down through the trees and winced. Crickets chirped and frogs croaked, but she couldn’t see Eric anywhere. Rocking forward onto her hands and knees, she saw something glistening in the grass where Eric had been sitting. She touched it. Wet, dark, and thick, it coated her fingertip. She frowned and brought it to her nose. A mixture of sweet…

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